Following up on the recent announcement of the world cup mode, World of Tanks have released a game play trailer for the new mode and confirmed a few details too.

On the 12th June 7am BST all players will be given their very own custom T-62A Sport tank, fully customized and ready for the world cup mode. Players in the game at this time will have to either exit the client and login again to have the tank placed in their garage, or play a battle and receive it together with the battle rewards. The Т-62А SPORТ is designed exclusively for the “World of Tanks Football Battles” game mode. You can’t sell it and it will be withdrawn automatically when the game mode ends on 14th July.

Similar to real football, this mode follows certain rules and regulations that you should know:

  • Score goals against the enemy team to win. This may be done by either moving a ball with your hull or directing it by shooting at it. Goals are scored once the ball crosses the line of the goal and own goals are also counted. After a goal, the ball returns to the middle of the field for the game to continue.
  • Matches will be 3 vs 3. You can play solo and be matched with other solo players and platoons will only be matched with other platoons.
  • Every tank is given 1,000 free HE shells.
  • Games will last a maximum of 7 minutes or until 3 goals are scored (whichever occurs first).
  • The Т-62А SPORT tanks are indestructible. You cannot destroy them or incapacitate the driver. However, you can still interfere with them by damaging the tracks through shooting or ramming to temporarily immobilise your opponents. Savvy tactics and teamwork will help you to defeat the opposing team.
  • The mode will feature a commemorative medal called “Football Player 2014”.

Find out more about the mode and the rewards here.