Fans of the popular horror franchise F.E.A.R have been lining up to play the closed beta of Aeria Games’ free-to-play online version. A host of events and competitions are currently taking place, and will continue to do so until the closed beta ends on June 16th.

Closed beta keys were required when the closed beta started, but the sheer demand led Aeria Games to open the servers at the end of last month. Since the start, thousands of fans have been stalking the corridors of the Armacham Technology Corporation and destroying the horrifying inhuman experiments lurking around every corner.

Especially well-received is the weapon crafting system: “the graphics are just wow… the crafting idea is brilliant.” Fans are looking forward to hundreds of options when it comes to weapons: “crafting your own weapons is a fantastic idea and I look forward to seeing many more gun recipes.”

Players have also been receiving loads of equipment and boosters simply by logging into the game each day. Killing an enemy also offers amazing rewards: each fallen opponent reveals an Alma Doll. Collecting these reveals exclusive items which beta players can get their hands on when open beta starts. The top 1000 collectors of Alma dolls will also be rewarded as hundreds of thousands of AP will be distributed amongst the winners.

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