CCP Games launched Kronos today, the first release in their development cadence for EVE Online, the award-winning sci-fi MMO that has grown each of its eleven years.

Kronos focuses on the continued decline of the four major empires and celebrates the concurrent rise of pirate factions and player influence across the constellations. It also heralds a change in EVE’s development structure, replacing two major expansions per year with up to ten releases. The change allows for more ambitious features, quicker delivery of content and functionality, and provides more frequent updates for players to look forward to. Honestly I prefer it when companies do this, it can keep a game feeling fresh.

Here’s a peek at what you can expect to see in game.

Check out the new effects on jumping, I love the sounds!

In Kronos, EVE’s legendary space combat will forever change thanks to the new and deadly Mordu’s Legion ships, a stealthy mining frigate, and 38 other rebalanced ships and drones. Gorgeous visual changes include reimagined solar flares, warp effects and new ship skins. An entirely customizable soundscape allows players to tailor their own audio experience.

Low-security space sites and dozens of other changes round out Kronos and set the stage for the massive industry features coming in July’s Crius release.

For a detailed breakdown on everything Kronos has to offer go to the official website.