World of Speed is a MMO action-racing game, which boasts AAA graphics and introduces a new level of connected competition to the racing genre. Developed by Slightly Mad Studios, World of Speed allows players to hop into the driver seat of their favorite cars and race across real world circuits and tracks carved from the streets of real world cities.

As an online experience, players will be able to create and join in-game Clubs, compete against other players and teams in a variety of diverse team-based gameplay modes, interact and show off in the Airfield social hub and dominate the world in Territory Wars. World of Speed is a free-to-compete experience and will be available in 2014 on PC.

The Azure Coast is a stunning location and it’s one of the locations in World of Speed featuring a point-to-point track rather than a circuit. It is a highly technical track filled with enough difficult corners to rival that of the Nürburgring. But it is long enough that there are quite a few sections where you’re guaranteed to hit top speed.

The second and most recent World of Speed game play teaser features the Pagani Huyara running a lap on Silverstone in the rain. It’s important to note that the car physics and rain effects are still work in progress. It’s intended that the time of day and weather conditions on the track will greatly affect how you race!

To be honest I’m already impressed with the graphics. They are raising the bar for free-to-play!

Sign up for the beta at the official site.