World of Warcraft had the idea of garrisons put forwards back in 2013. Buildings that players would build and add to as they progress through the game. The idea is to build your garrison as you level and it will give you different benefits with area specific bonuses, and even different quests based upon your choices.

As an example, you can choose either the Lumber Mill or the Sparring Arena while questing in Gorgrond. Not only does this choice unlock the design blueprints that allow you to add the building to your Garrison, it also lets you construct a military outpost centered around that building in Gorgrond. This plays an integral role in how you experience the zone, as you’ll be sent on quests specific to the building you’ve chosen and will receive a permanent benefit whenever you’re in Gorgrond.

You will also recruit followers to work in and run your garrison. You can even send these minions on missions to level them up and improve their work.

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