Nucleus of Time Update is the latest update in the saga of Dragon’s Prophet. The patch brings in a variety of new content, fixes and more including;

  • New Raid Dungeon: Nucleus of Time
  • Frontier System changes
  • More Sky Islands to conquer
  • Numerous bug and quest fixes

All Dragon’s Prophet’s realms will be offline and players will be unable to login momentarily whilst the team applies the new game update. The down-time will shortly lived and is now under way with the servers scheduled to come back online at 14:00 CEST with the additional content.

What is the Nucleus of time?

The Nucleus of Time is a huge underground building located at the heart of Arkema. It used to be a temple dedicated to Sardok, but it became his place of rest after his people were slain. Known for his ability to petrify enemies, this descendant of Lysaia also has a power unknown to others – he can control time. Because of the effects of this power, Lysaia the Omnipotent warned him to keep it a secret and never to use it to intervene in the world’s affairs

For a complete list of updates, visit the official patch log here.