Illyriad Games latest MMO Age of Ascent begins it’s next round of public PvP alpha tests today. Users from all around world will be able to login and take part from their desktop browser. The game is scheduled for release sometime in 2015 and requires no download or installation and will be 100% to play. Age of Ascent aims to bring in a real-time dogfighting with a full MMO experience with a out-of-this-world twist. Early reviews for the game look positive and the developers current hope for the following in their title;

  • Real-time, epic, direct-piloting battles using our brand new cloud-based distributed MMO architecture that can support thousands of players in the same battle
  • Global – everyone plays in the same universe
  • No download or install: it runs in your browser without plugins!
  • Free-to-play without pay-to-win
  • Multiple ship classes and modular ship loadout
  • Map derived from the real world star catalogs: more than 120k star systems!
  • A fully player-led economy from resource gathering to manufacturing and trading
  • Exciting and rewarding galactic exploration
  • Play solo or in groups – larger than you’ve ever seen before
  • Player vs Environment (PvE) mission running and engage with Non-Player Character Faction AI
  • Build and manage space stations
  • Claim territories and build an empire in space
  • Alliances and Corporations as large or small as you wish, with sophisticated management and access tools

To join the wave of battles, visit the official website here.