The Elder Scrolls Online patch v1.1.2 is now live. This is the first major content update since TESO was released, it brings with it the Adventure Zone Craglorn, as well as many other fixes and refinements.

Craglorn’s quests and exploration are designed for groups of four Veteran Rank 10+ characters. You can still enter Craglorn before this level but it might not be a wise move! The area is intended to test your team work, for larger groups Trials have been added. The first Trials are in Craglorn, 12-player adventures meant to test even the strongest heroes out there. In Trials, your team will have a limited number of resurrections available as you fight your way to the final boss. Leader boards and extra rewards should keep the trials pretty competitive.

Another new feature is the Death Recap. This screen will help you understand what contributed to your death and hints that can help improve your performance next time. This should prove helpful especially when you want a breakdown of your death.

Alongside the new content, there’s a whole bunch of bug fixes, improvements and tweaks. Fixes for quests and skill line abilities, updates to systems and quests in Cyrodiil (including bonuses for outnumbered alliances), and much more. You can get the whole patch notes here.