Aeria Games have just announce that they will be sending two teams to the 2014 A.V.A International Championship, taking place from July 15 – 20 in Taipei, Taiwan! All A.V.A players are now invited to get themselves into teams and start training together ahead of the qualifiers which will take place in June.

The 2014 event is taking place on a larger scale than ever before, spanning six days, pitting seven teams against each other in front of hundreds of viewers, and offering a total prize pool of $50 000, with the winning team of course taking home both loads of cash, and the title of best A.V.A team world-wide. This is a fantastic opportunity!

Teams will play against each other in 5 vs 5 Demolition modes and will be pitted against the toughest competitors. The final will be broadcast live on Garena and TVBS, the largest Taiwanese online broadcasters.

In 2013, Aeria Games sent one team, the CrackHeads, to the finals in Japan. This year, two teams will be sent to the championship, and Aeria Games is now calling for teams to enter the qualifiers. To enter, players must get a team of 5 players together, start training, and stay tuned for more information about the Aeria Games qualifiers in June.

Enjoy footage from the 2013 finals.

All information about the A.V.A International Championship can be found on the official website.