Sources close to RaGEZONE have notified us of a large breach in the security of Bohemia Interactive , developers of the popular zombie MMO DayZ. The hackers were able to get the source code for the game that leaves players uncertain as to the full extent of the intrusion. Our anonymous sources state that the hack was made possible via SQL injection which begs the question as to how many other hackers have been able to obtain sensitive information relating to the game, players and more. Whilst an initial report was posted on a popular social site, our anonymous sources wish to clarify that they no affiliation with any hackers that have posted information regarding the intrusion over the past several day.

Below you will find 3 exclusive and an extract of the source code we were given to validate the initial claims of the hackers.

#ifdef _MSC_VER
# pragma once

@file peerfactoryxbox.hpp
@brief Net-peer factory creating NetPeerXbox instances.

Copyright © 2003 by BIStudio (
@author PE
@since 19.2.2003
@date 2.4.2003



void initNetworkXbox();
void doneNetworkXbox();

// PeerChannelFactoryXbox class:

Factory for creating new NetPeer instances.
class PeerChannelFactoryXbox : public PeerChannelFactory {

friend void initNetworkXbox();
friend void doneNetworkXbox();


static int instances; ///< number of instances (for WSAStartup)


PeerChannelFactoryXbox ();

Creates a new net-peer.
@param pool Network pool to work with.
@param tryPorts Local ports to try (if NULL, use pool->getLocalPorts()).
@param useVDP Use VDP protocol (instead of UDP).
@return Reference to the new peer (NULL if failed)
virtual NetPeer *createPeer ( NetPool *pool, BitMask *tryPorts, bool useVDP, RawMessageCallback callback );

Creates a new net-channel.
@param pool Network pool to work with.
@param control Create control channel?
@return Reference to the new channel (<code>NULL</code> if failed).
virtual NetChannel *createChannel ( NetPool *pool, bool control =false );

//virtual NetPeerToPeerChannel *createPeerToPeer();

virtual ~PeerChannelFactoryXbox ();



Shortly after posting this thread the official DayZ server files has appeared on the RaGEZONE forums.