Astro Lords is a free-to-play science fiction, massively multiplayer online game running on Unity 3D. Developed by Aratog Studios Astro Lords is the first MMORTS to combine three major game genres in a consistent world: construction management, arcade-style shooting, and strategic raid warfare. Balancing and developing this new multifaceted game type has taken three years, for fans of each genre it should be worth the wait!

Astro Lords is both a browser and a client game that offers MMO fans a deep and diverse gaming experience. Players manage and grow their asteroid base, while their generals can board spaceships to shoot and destroy enemy spaceships and bosses, and they can raid other asteroids to loot or capture them.

astrolords_screenshot5 astrolords_screenshot9

Astro Lords is tentatively slated to begin North American and European closed beta testing (CBT) on June 10th, open beta testing (OBT) on June 17th and official launch on July 1st. Beta testers will receive special rewards at launch, like extra in-game currency and other high-priced virtual items, if you want to earn more and register for the beta go here.