WarpPortal, known for publishing the online and mobile titles for the Ragnarok Online Franchise, have launched another chapter in the Ragnarok universe, this time it’s an empire building strategy game. It launched yesterday for iOS and Android devices!  More details here.

In Ragnarok Online: Ash Vacuum influence is everything! Construct alliances with other nations to ready your guild for battle in this Empire Building Strategy Game. Gather resources, and recruit members with unique skill builds & special abilities to train your hired mercenaries! Gain enough power so your alliance can be the one to take down Satan Morocc in the Dimensional Gorge!

  • Exceptional quality graphics for buildings and maps! Distinguished and individual attributes for each character of the three kingdoms transporting you to another world of adventure!
  • Strong story line based on the original Ragnarok: Guild Masters!
  • Over 300 kinds of items and various cards for upgrading that allow up to six attributes to match with varied job categories!
  • With Community & Strategic Battle game play, players can form alliances or enemies within the 3 kingdoms to take on the challenges of the world!
  • Link with your Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising account for a special crossover promotion!! (Soon!)