Whilst the MMO industry is no stranger to surprises, nobody could expect such a high price for ArcheAge’s founder pack. Coming in at a whopping $149.99 this pack offers users the ability to gain early alpha , beta and a 4 day head start over the standard founder pack which only offers guaranteed beta access.  One thing to note, this pack also contains a lot of exclusive items to be given to the all founders which will surely give them a boost over the average Joe. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or someone with more money than sense, this pack contains a lot of goodies.

  • Alpha Access (while supplies remain): Preview ArcheAge even before Beta!
  • Access to all Beta Events
  • 4 Day Pre-Launch Head Start
  • Exclusive Title: “Trailblazer” (+3 to all stats)
  • Exclusive Glass Phoenix Glider
  • Exclusive Founder’s Cloak (+3 to all stats and customizable)
  • Exclusive Desert Assassin Plate Costume
  • Reagents to put your own crest in-game
  • 6 Daru Chests with a chance to get a mount!
  • 10 Pet Healing Potions
  • 10 Evenstones
  • 10 Hereafter Stones
  • 11,250 in-game Credits ($75 value)
  • 90-Day Patron Status ($45 value)

Purchase today at https://archeage.trionworlds.com/account/profile/manage-game!input.action?dd=1

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