CCP Games just deployed the latest update to DUST 514. It’s update 1.8, dubbed Uprising. It’s bringing the biggest changes to the fighting yet.

New Dropsuits

DUST 514 players now have even more dropsuit options that better represent the major factions in the EVE universe. Uprising 1.8 sees the inclusion of new Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar Heavy Frames. These new additions to players’ dropsuit choices come in Basic, Sentinel and Commando roles for each faction. Also available are the newly introduced Caldari and Amarr Light Frames with Basic and Scout roles for each faction. With these additions, the full assortment is complete and all racial variants of DUST 514 dropsuits are now included.

Full details on the dropsuits here.

New Weapons

Uprising 1.8 ups the ante on the arms available to DUST mercenaries by delivering three new weapons to the DUST 514 arsenal:

  •     The highly prized and impressively powerful Caldari Bolt Pistol
  •     The Caldari Magsec SMG, a highly versatile semi-automatic with accurate fire from mid to long range
  •     The impressive Gallente Ion Pistol, with its powerful ability overcharged plasma blasts

Full details on the new weapons and changes here.

New Modules/Equipment

DUST 514’s range of equipment and player gameplay options continue to grow with the exciting addition of Cloak Field equipment that conceals mercenaries with invisibility. Now mercs have even more flexibility on the battlefield with deadly stealth and new reconnaissance options.

Full details on new modules and 1.8 overview here.

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