Allods Team & are are working together to present Skyforge — a their latest free-to-play MMORPG. Skyforge set in a brand new universe of gods and heroes, who use futuristic technologies to fight off incredible creatures and protect their planet against invasions from space. Take your hero through their path from a young immortal to the Great God, ascending to the head the Pantheon.

If you enjoy the idea of fighting over a world’s fate, this should appeal to you. Millions of common people are calling you for help, directing their gaze at high heavens. Perform your deeds for the sake of the citizens of Aelion, and their faith will invigorate and support you. Unite a league of your loyal followers and become a keeper of the world of Skyforge, a true legend of Aelion!

The combat design is accumulated from the top features of the best games in various genres. Mouselook control with optional direct targeting enables players to deal satisfying combo strikes and and really feel the power of their character.

Skyforge features a huge variety in game classes that will impress even the most sophisticated gamers. The problem of finding friends to play with is now a thing of the past! You can change your class with a single click, try different roles, essentially play any class you like with a single character.

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Beta sign ups available at the Official site.