Das Tal is a new upcoming open world MMORPG, it’s being produced by indie developers Fairytale Distillery and is still in early development. They have plenty of great features planned, with the focus of the game being on PvP. They will have a player driven economy, crafting and adventuring, as you would expect by today’s standards.

What does Limited grind mean?

It means that we’re planning to have a daily XP gain limit (cap). We feel that the current system of “farm as much as you want” often leads to unnecessary grind-to-the-level-cap races and that we’d rather have a little bit of progression every day instead. We’ll also have ways for clan members to help their mates by “donating” them XP so that everybody can focus on the main part of the game: PvP.

It sounds like it will really help keep the focus on the PvP, hopefully this will have a strong community because of it. A daily XP limit sounds like it could be a great idea if done right, let us know what you think, and I’ll keep you up to date with progress on the game.

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