Project Velyria is the dungeon crawling MMO brought to us by MADSOFT Games. It’s browser based and quite interesting if you are looking for something a little different mixed with an old school feel.

The most recent update to Project Velyria is adding professions to the game. They weren’t planned at launch but as the game has rapidly grown it was seen as a wise move to improve the game play.

We hadn’t anticipated including professions at launch, but as we built the in-game trading system, we found that crafting would play a vital role in the evolution of Velyria’s economy. Knowing that they were essential, we put our nose to the grindstone and finalized the details for the professions.

The professions are all based around the in game economy, they add the all important crafting elements. As expected, each profession will focus on certain types of weapons and items. With each class divided into sub tiers of experience, lower levels will be crafting the materials needed by the higher level crafters.

Find out more and play for free at the official site.