It’s the final weekend of the New Eden Open, one of the flagship tournaments in EVE Online. The tournament offers players the chance to win real life cash prizes by being the best fighter pilots in New Eden. This year the second annual New Eden Open features the premiere PVP experts putting their skills to the test in an 8 v 8 death matches.

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This weekend’s schedule is here, with the finals and some special in-studio activities to be streamed before today’s finals. See the rest at

You can see everything that’s happened so far on these handy playlists;

Rubicon update 1.3 is also now live.

For a quick glance at what’s arrived to EVE, stop by the newly-updated EVE Online: Rubicon feature page.

Rubicon 1.3 includes:

  • Long-awaited customization options come with the “Ship Painting Pilot Program”
  • Easier to obtain Sisters of EVE faction ships.
  • A balancing pass on Tech 1 frigates and cruisers, remote sensor dampeners, corporation size, drone assist and more.
  • Significant lighting and UI improvements, aimed to make pilot’s lives easier and more beautiful.

Full patch notes.