The SKARA team have released a new Alpha video featuring game play in the new Lava Coliseum arena. The playable demo is set in a lava-filled arena deep inside the Rhozha Mountains—the home of the barbarian Khärn tribe.

With eight solid months of development under its belt, SKARA is now focusing its efforts on completing their playable demo to be released on STEAM early access within the next few weeks.

“Players will finally be able to get a feeling for SKARA game play,” said Pablo Rodriguez, CEO and Creative Director of Skara, talking about the release. “The character control will feel like that in a versus game”

“After a lot of thought, we decided the best way for people to think about SKARA was as: A versus fighting game…for sixteen players” he said. “The team and I have been playing it for a few weeks now—and we are very addicted so get ready for the early access!”

[youtube id=”JuDLV0QyUac” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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