Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG with a medieval theme. There are two main things that interest me here, all in-game items and buildings are player made and the MMO is cross platform, Linux, Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows players altogether.

Sandbox Interactive recently had a live Q&A to confirm player questions about the Alpha testing and the future of the game.

Regarding the world, will there be different themes such as winter/desert/lava/etc?
-Jantin, Reddit

Yes! Currently the world in Albion Online is under development but we do plan on featuring several different kinds of areas.

Do you use tab targeting or do you have to click to select targets?
-Zarf, Alpha forum

Currently the system is very similar to other top down RPG games where you click your target to attack them, however tab targeting is on our backlog.

Are all spells target-and-heal? or are there also aimed shots?
-Khor, Alpha Forum

Aimed shots such as Skillshots may be a bit of ambitious endeavor for a MMORPG game, they work wonderful in a small scale setting but in a MMORPG setting they can become problematic.

Currently there are no similar skills however we do plan to implement ground based AoE attacks.

How are hit points derived, does every new character have the same amount say 100 hp?
-Zarf, Alpha Forum

Currently a ungeared character got 1000 health points, a lot of gear has health bonuses and some gear has the option to specialize for increased health points.

How is character speed determined ? Being ‘over weight’ slows you down but do you have the same speed between 0% and 99% limit ? Does being in combat lower your speed ?
-Khor, Alpha Forum

Yes up until around 100% carrying weight you move at your ordinary speed, above that your movement speed will be gradually decreased, you can craft backpacks which increase your carrying capacity.

And being in or out of combat will not change your movement speed, however there are spells and attacks that can slow your opponent’s movement speed as well as skills that can boost your own or allies’ movement speed.

Hello I was wondering how you guys will address world population and available resources. Will it just be one big server or different servers with a player cap? If it’s one server will resources re-spawn quicker depending on how many players are online at a given time? I can see this game being played by the thousands at any given time so I am curious on your game plan to absorb that.
-Skytea, Alpha Forum

We will aim for one large world, similar to Eve. Whether we will succeed with that is to been seen Having different servers would be a fall back solution. What would definitely be the case is that we would have different starting zones, such that not everybody starts in the same place. We will find a good balance.

Also, keep in mind that the better the resources are, the more dangerous the zone will become.
Current plans are:
Safe Zones have at most T4.
Zones with strong crime debuff have at most T5.
Zones with weak crime debuff have at most T6.
Fully open zones have up to T7.

Also, it goes without saying that the strongest boss mobs etc will also be in the more dangerous zones.

So tools have durability, but do weapons and armor have it too ? Can it be repaired when its weak, so it can basically last forever? If so, how is equipment eventually removed from the game ? If its not, wont ‘rare’ items eventually become common, as the materials are farmed and the items are crafted, more will be in circulation all the time.
-Khor, Alpha Forum

Everything will break eventually. Only thing that you can repair is player made houses.

Check out the Albion introduction video below.

[youtube id=”SJg2-P3ESjI” width=”600″ height=”350″]Source.