Reborn in oak and thorn, Atomic Poison Ivy, fights for an Earth wreathed in toxic forest as the latest Champion addition to Infinite Crisis.

As nuclear fallout withered the old world’s flora, a psychic scream plunged Pamela Isley into darkness. She awoke in a mutated forest, shocked to discover her own transformation. The forest mind spoke to hers, calling itself the Green. Their powerful telepathic link, forged in nuclear fire, gave Ivy renewed purpose. She would use her new from to protect herself, the Green, and to strike fear into a weakened humanity’s heart.

Using exotic powers to protect and entrap, few enemies escape this villain’s grasp. Ivy uses plants to protect from damage and also to control her enemies with roots and walls of brush. Check her out in the video release below.

[youtube id=”n9-KNfY8Vr8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]