There can be only one emperor in Tamriel, only the most powerful of individuals can rule over the lands, and only one may wear the emperor’s armour.

“The one who sits on the Ruby Throne cuts an imposing figure, driving enemies to flee in fear and inspiring allies to even greater deeds of conquest. When the emperor strides onto the battlefield, everyone takes notice–and few foes will survive to warn their allies. Below, you’ll see concept art for armor that only the emperor can wear, intricately worked from the strongest materials and valuable beyond measure.”

I can only imagine the fighting and politics that will be raging on to seat a favoured individual, or even yourself as emperor. To see the emperor arrive on the battle field will be quite a sight, to be the emperor will be quite another.

As always I’m excited to hear news about ESO and would love to have a hand in securing a pace as emperor for an ally of mine. How far will you go? Will you fight to win the seat for yourself or friends? Will you fight with or against the emperor?