The open beta of Alfheim Tales Online is going smoothly, you can still get beta keys from the official site. Alfheim Tales Online is lively, cute, and plenty of fun. Their dev team have prepared a string of events that will be running all day.

Heath Beach oozes level one MMO character all over – “It used to be a popular resort, but is now a mess because of a lobsters and hermit crab infestation. Please team up with your friends to flush out the lobsters and hermit crabs and return the beach to a peaceful state. Slay all the monsters and their leaders on the beach to win the chests, and then you shall sit down and enjoy a peaceful free exp time for a while.”

PvP fans can now battle it out in the Arena. Anyone above level 25 can fight other players in the arena matches, earning Victory Badges fow winning, or receive a Death Badge for your troubles. The badges are use to enter the daily arena quest, it’s a lottery for pretty cool prizes. Being a PvP fan myself, I love any mechanics to make it more popular in MMO’s.

If you want adventure instead you should talk to Treasure Hunter in Star City. You’ll be given up to 10 old maps each day, which can be used to get a complete treasure map, where you can find the best loot. Chests containing coins, gems, pet enhancement stones and lot more precious items are waiting to be found. The keys to the chests can be obtained by slaying monsters in the trial ground or even purchased from other players.

Players who have reached lvl 20 may team up with one other person to enter the Candy Garden and be awarded extra EXP. Apparently teams made up of different gender players will be rewarded with more EXP, two person teams only.

And for those who pursuit fame and reputation, Chess Hall is the place you want to go. Paris, The King of Chess, appears in Star City at the same time every day. Players who have reached level 25 may team up with 2 or more other players to enter the instance by talking to him at the harbor of Star City. Those who defeat all the 100 chess pieces and the traitorous General will be awarded huge amounts of EXP. (Note: Paris appears in the chess hall from 12:00 – 13:00; 20:30 – 21:30. Each player is allowed to enter the instance once a day.)