Aeria Games have started selling Founder’s Packs for Aura Kingdoms, which is due to go into closed beta very soon. The Founder’s packs allow users to get into the “Founder’s Beta” which is due to start on the 16th December. Shortly after the founder’s beta, the closed beta will start, followed by more stress tests and an open beta period. Anyone will be able to register and play from the open stress test and onwards, but if you want to get in early, the Founder’s packs are a good option for some.

Aura Kingdom Founders will be rewarded with exclusive in-game titles, items, and the ability to reserve their character name before launch. There are four different Founder’s Pack options for people to buy, they all include access into the exclusive Founder’s Beta phase. All Founders are also guaranteed access into Aura Kingdom’s restricted Closed Beta, which will follow shortly after the Founder’s Beta concludes.

No Founder’s Pack could be complete without an assortment of cool items. Several vanity items such as a Tanuki pet and Phantom Wolf mount are available, as well as an exclusive in-game Eidolon that will never be available again! Diamond packs also offer physical items on top of the virtual goods, including a cute plushie and limited-edition Aura Kingdom playing cards featuring unique artwork on each individual card.

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