APB Reloaded has just updated to Version 14, adding multiple free in-game updates, a new purchasable bundle and new premium packs exclusive to the Steam network. The game is now boasting over 3million registered users.

Version 14 includes:

·         Two new contacts, Aletta & Gumball in the Financial District – increasing the level cap by 20
·         Radar tower car mod – Highlights enemies on your radar that pass near your vehicle
·         Blowtorch weapon – Heals damage done to your vehicle, burns enemies
·         Remote Detonator car mod – Blow your cars up from afar.
·         Muffler car mod – Keep your vehicle off radar while you coast
·         High Burn Point Fuel car mod – Being near your car if and when it explodes causes it to hurt less
·         Flare gun weapon – Previously only available via Joker Distribution, now available via progression.
·         Additional slot unlocks – for clothing, themes, songs, and vehicles

A brand new purchasable bundle is now available via the APB Marketplace. The bundle brings together the
·         Rocker Outfit
·         TAS20 Shotgun
·         Vegas G20 ‘Rhino’ Muscle Car and Body Kit

Play for free here.Find APB on Steam here.