Fiesta turns six this month and is hosting a big birthday bash to celebrate. Gamigo have even put together a trailer to get you excited.

[youtube id=”6TC5s47Xye8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

“It’s been a wild ride these past six years. As Fiesta has matured, we’ve built out 115 levels of deeply immersive play experiences unlike any other free-to-play anime fantasy MMORPG out there. There’s no better game to battle monsters while dancing the night away with friends,” Daniel Chang, gamigo’s Country Manager reflects, “This year we’ve added a thrilling new Crusader class, an exciting new town, and challenging instance dungeons, but we’re just getting started. In 2014 we’ll be continuing to surprise and delight devoted Fiesta fans with even more requested features and must-play content.”

Anniversary Town

For just a limited time, from Friday, November 15 through Sunday, December 1, Elderine will be transformed into a birthday dream where elegance reigns supreme. Check out the new chic Anniversary fashions and walk the red carpet in your finest attire. Enjoy EXP boosts and extravagant loot drops during the joyous festivities.

Disco Mode

Get down, get down! The disco floor is the place to be. Show off your slick moves to your friends and light up the ground beneath your feet with every step you take. Boogie close to the magical disco ball and all sorts of crazy happens. Pick up buffs that will supersize your bumping action and boost your stats with max HP and SP, defense and moving speed. Find the Fiesta GMs in the mix as they’ll be accepting items from players who want to participate in a raffle for awesome prizes.

Cosplay as Character Bobbleheads

Walk in the footsteps of legendary townspeople when you collect the dozen masks that have just arrived in the premium shop. Transform into Grandpa Robin, Blacksmith Karl, Shutian the Town Chief, Uriel the Wedding NPC and a host of other popular characters. Freak out your friends as they come to you for quests. Never before seen facial gestures available!

Black Archon Quest

Adventure awaits those who journey across Isya in a multi-part quest given by the Anniversary NPC. A rare, domesticated Black Archon is running wild and for the first time ever, players will be able to ride it as an exclusive, special edition mount.

Power Run

How fast can you go? Team up to compete in this GM-led speed game in the dungeons and top the leaderboard in this cross-server competition for glory and rewards.

Murumuru Minipets

Devildom’s Murumuru monsters have been tamed and turned into minipets with elemental stats. Get your little companion today!

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