A monthly subscription fee is quite normal for MMORPGs, but many games now offer micro-transactions as an alternative way to generate revenue. Micro payments can easily lead to a “pay to win” scenario, some gamers can be encouraged to stop playing and look for another game. This is why Allods Online has just added a subscription only server.

On the new subscription only server, all elements of micro transactions have been removed. Players will be able to customize their characters, ships or redistribute their avatar’s statistics and talents by using only in-game currency received from completing quests and other activities.

Of course, Allods Online will still be offering cash shop solutions and players will be able to stay on their current server and play same way as before. Joining the subscription based server will change the way how players can progress in the game, with the new payment method there is no need to worry about Runes, Patronage Rank 5, Elixirs or Strongbox bonuses as these among few other items and features will be removed from the game.

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