The online MMORPG side of GTA : V is live today. Rockstar have said ahead of launch they were expecting issues with server loads, due to the unexpected number of players. This should only effect the first few days, they are already getting more power to handle so many users. To be fair though, it looks like when everything is ironed out, it will be brilliant. When the first GTA came out back in 1997 I never thought I would be playing something like this, let alone online!

Anyone who has bought a copy will have free access, you will just need to download a small update to your Xbox360 or PS3, it should already be available. It will add the option of multi-player to your start screen.

The story of the online world is set a few months before the single player game. There’s a whole boat load of things they are adding. Safe houses and garages so people can’t just shoot up your house and take your car when you invite them in for a beer. Properties are going to be treated as instances, this will allow more than one person to own their own home in the same place and still be able to visit each others.

A lot of new content is promised over the coming months, it looks like GTA : V online is a massive project. I’m extremely excited to see where this goes. Get all the official news here.

If you’re old enough to remember it, go to official GTA wiki and listen to the original theme for some nostalgia.