In a recent announcement, the Allods Online team have set an official launch date for their subscription server for October 3rd and offer a one week free trial to all users. Below you’ll find the official message from the producers.


I haven’t provided an official update since our last communication regarding the Subscription Server. The reason is because we had strong desires at heart to fulfill our word and deliver the Subscription Server on September 26th. I had faced the most disappointment out of all members of the team when taking the decision to postpone the opening of the Subscription Server to October 3rd, and I must now share that news to you as well.

The truth is we had suffered from a week delay with technicalities, and we’ve been trying to close that gap during the whole week. A difficulty never shows up alone. The European version’s server merge was very successful, but it needed to be improved with database optimization and hardware upgrades to better cope with the volume of players’ interactions that cause extra workload too.

That also explains why we’ve been so secretive about date, prices, and so on. Therefore, today let’s break the seal of silence and provide all the information you’ve waiting so long for.

The NA Subscription Server will be called Smuggler’s Paradise. You probably already witnessed the presence of an additional server in the menu list, because the server is live and kicking, but you won’t be able to access it until October 3rd.

Prices can be found below with an introduction offer lasting untilOctober 15th.

To conclude, we do apologise for the disappointment we have caused with the delay. From the bright side of things, the extra week will help us narrow down perfectly each and every detail so that you can enjoy a proper beginning in this new collective adventure. As always, your feedback past these modifications will be helpful to ensure we’re offering a smooth operation.
Today, we must admit defeat, only to become stronger in the future.

Warmest regards,
Allods Online Producer

For more details about the 7 day trial, visit the following link here.