Guinness World record holder Ultima Online celebrates its 16th Birthday with a festive weekend of prizes. Whilst the worlds oldest MMORPG shows no signs of slowing down , it continues to attract players from all spectrum of the globe. Bored? Looking to have some fun? Be sure to attend this weekends event. Prizes include;

Hedge Maze Scavenger Hunt

1st Place – Kings Collection
2nd Place – Raised Garden Beds
3rd Place – Undertakers Staff

Fool Hardy – Pre enter via email to no later than September 20th.

1st Place – Unique Dye – Blackrock Hue – Tokuno Style
2nd Place – Forged Metal Tool
3rd Place – 15th Anniversary Robe

Cultural Center Design Contest – Deadline extended to 5am CST September 20th

Winner will have their design built on the shard of their choice with your name as the designer.

Story Contest – Deadline extended to 5am CST September 20th

1st Place – Mesanna’s Wig
2nd Place – Mesanna’s Bustier
3rd Place – Mesanna’s Whip

Trivia Contest – The Grand Prize to be announced at the Party!

Ultima Online 16th Anniversary Party Invitation

Please read the original post and send me your entries to

If you don’t enter, you can’t win! See you at the party!

See you at the party!