Ubisoft and Blue Byte have announced the start of the open beta for Silent Hunter Online. Silent Hunter is a free to play, browser based, submarine battle simulator.

In game, players take position on board their submarines, hunt down enemy convoys, manage their personal flotillas and take part in server-wide dynamic campaigns. There’s a good focus on multi-player experience, every mission can be played cooperatively.

You will be able to play every mission in real-time and in co-op, by teaming up online to form a Wolfpack and operating as a single unit to tackle your own missions, or the larger server wide campaigns. Other features are;

·         Authentic boat types: The Silent Hunter series has always had historical authenticity in gaming. Silent Hunter Online is no different and has a number of historical boat types for you to command and to target.
·         Dynamic Campaign: All players participate in the global, server-wide campaign and work together to turn the tides of war in their favour.
·         Multiplayer experience: Submarines are hunter and prey at the same time. To stand a better chance against enemy fleets, you should team up online and form wolfpacks.
·         Stunning battles : Silent Hunter Online takes full advantage of the latest Flash 11 technology to display real-time 3D combat in your browser.

Sign up for beta at the official site.

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