Bingyou Animation have started their closed beta signups for upcoming Naruto web RPG – Ultimate Naruto. Combining a pure anime-based plot and exhilarating combat, Ultimate Naruto players will go hands-on with their favourite characters from the Naruto anime series. You will train and build your character as you go, I would take Tsunade or Jiraiya.

Just like characters in the anime series, Ultimate Naruto players will be able to raise and train a tailed beast of their very own, available after completing a series of quests. Tailed beasts possess powerful forms of chakra and can be boosted through leveling up in battle, gaining an extra tail for every 10 levels they grow. Persist with training, and ninjas can be the owner of a nine-tailed beast – the ultimate embodiment of chakra energy.

The closed beta is starting today so head on over to the official site to sign up and play.