Bigpoint, developer and publisher of Merc Elite, is revealing exclusive details today on the Heavy Gunner – the second of five playable classes. Merc Elite is a military-themed MOBA, and it’s set to be launched in autumn 2013. It’s going to be a free-to-play browser title, it’s currently in closed beta testing.

The Heavy Gunner isn’t going to be most nimble member on your team. But he his abilities allow him to prepare a defensive position with his “Bounding Mine” skill, take cover from afar and unleash a hail of bullets on anyone trying to break through the defense. Included in his arsenal of elite skills are the “Shock RPG,” which releases a single powerful rocket and the “Rocket Barrage,” which blasts the target with four missiles at once. Heavy Gunners’ are going to be putting out a lot of covering fire

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