WarpPortal has announced their latest update to Ragnarok Online 2, including the new playable race: Noel. This update will introduce the first non-human playable race in Ragnarok history. The Noel arrive ready to play tomorrow, September 11th.

“The new options for both looks and play-style options is what I’m most looking forward to”, said Jason Koerperich, “cute immortal devil-elf children wielding death magic, with a beautiful and tragic story; what’s not to love?”

The Noel Update gives you the chance to play the game as the Noel, an Elf-like race. The Noel will begin the game as Alters, using melee attacks and some area ranged attacks. At level 25 they can become Crecentia, using their many Alter skills with the addition of debuff skills, or Soul Makers, giving up their Alter skills for death magic, healing capabilities and strengthening buffs.

[youtube id=”xveM-_JgFhk” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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