Emobi Games JSC, a mobile game development studio, has announced today the launch of Nova Defence onto Google Play. It’s compatible with all the latest Android devices. This tower defence game puts the fate of the universe into your hands. You must defend the human race from wave after wave of attacking aliens. Get your strategy head on and you may succeed in your mission. Make use of the high powered arsenal at your fingertips. There’s a diverse array of enemies to repel, dozens of challenging bosses to defeat, and a decent mode. Nova Defence is currently available for download for free on Google Play in the Games category.

A winding campaign should give you over twenty hours of original game-play.  There’s a whole bunch of different game modes available to keep up the replay value of Nova Defence. The action takes place across a diverse variety of exotic settings, ranging from desolate desert landscapes, to lush jungle oases. You have a choice of three different types of upgradable mortars and infantry bunkers. Use them in combination to defend from invading aliens. You’ll have thirty unique power abilities to use, and dozens of upgrades which can be set up into custom defence grids on every level. Enhance them on the fly during battle and see if your plan works.