Wrath of Gods is a browser-based RPG based on wars between Gods and Devils. Brought to us by PopAce, the game is due out later this month. Wrath of Gods has an in-game system called “Road to Being a God”, which guides players to new game experiences, various dungeons, guild wars and plenty of other game play. Players can customize their characters, increase their power as they play and on day conquer the world.

Some in game features already confirmed:

  • PVE with intelligent monsters and fierce bosses across various dungeons.
  • Fierce PVP competition including guild wars.
  • Newbie player guide system to help new players learn quickly.
  • Four classes – Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Priest.
  • Lord, Mount, Rune, Gem Inlaying, and VIP Systems.

PopAce site.
Wrath of Gods site. (coming soon)