GoldFire Studios has now announced the open beta launch of CasinoRPG. After a year plus of development and the recent closed beta testing, CasinoRPG opens its’ doors to everyone. CasinoRPG is taking its own approach to casino gaming. By merging role-playing, tycoon and city building with casino gamesGlodFire studios are bringing something new to the browser based gaming world. This free-to-play game features an open, persistent online world that runs in your browser using HTML5.

CasinoRPG is another Kickstarter success story, the goals were hit earlier this year allowing the team at GoldFire Studios to work on their game. – “Kickstarter is so attractive for indies because it offers a true win-win,” explained James Simpson, founder and CEO of GoldFire Studios. Simpson continued to say “the community has a unique position to participate in the development, while also providing us the backing needed to bring our creations to life.”

If you take any of the popular online casinos they are all pretty similar, there has been no real innovation. This is where CasinoRPG steps in. Instead of only accumulating gambling winnings, real or otherwise. players of CasinoRPG are able to use their virtual winnings to build their casino casino empires. Why not design your own luxury apartments and follow a the story throughout the sprawling cities. These cities are then built, designed and managed by all of the players in the game, connecting the gambling side with the tycoon, city building and role-playing elements. It’s interesting to say the least.

[youtube id=”qCqQnyauYXM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Play for free at the official site.