Today Kill3rCombo, publisher of the free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, introduced the latest class for the popular character Eve. This new class is as part of Eves’ ongoing Transformation Evolution.  With the new Code Battle Seraph class, Eve can become an angel of destruction, she doubles the number of modes used to manipulate lasers and tears her enemies down with deadly force.

Do you like lasers? Code Battle Seraph takes the laser wielding power of Code Electra to the next level complete with two new modes for laser attacks.  Reactive Mode generates an optical force field allowing the electrifying beams to home in on targets at the cost of reduced damage. Fusion Mode will fuse her three other special modes and fires incredible beams that have longer range, home in on targets, and if that wasn’t enough, they can also strike enemies twice.

You can play for free through the official website. Elsword is also available on Steam.