Recently the official website of the fantasy card game Ancient Summoner has adopted a brand new design. Most most notably, a huge werewolf ready for a fight in the background. According to our source, the new design is a preparation by Gamebox for a big event in Ancient Summoner due on Sep 5th.

Werewolf cards have been a source of debate in game, basically they were thought by most to be imbalanced. Unlike most of the creature cards who usually have a balanced combination of blood and attack, (e.g. 4 attack/ 8 blood, 2 attack/ 7 blood) werewolf cards could have weird combinations like 8 attack/ 4 blood, or 2 attack/ 12 blood. With some draws player were able to do too much damage early on. So to balance the cards, most of these werewolves have an attribute called “Blood Price”, which immediately deals 3 damage to the summoner upon playing the card. Werewolf cards are still powerful but now with some risk to balance them properly without changing their other stats.

Don’t forget, you can play Ancient Summoner through our forum. Just select it from the drop down menu: Games, and in you go. I’m going to be playing some today, why not send me a message or play a few rounds with me? (eXclamatio in-game).

The event is starting on September, 5th. I’ll keep you informed of any more details!