Tactical Intervention is a new FPS by Counter-Strike co-developer Minh “Gooseman” Le. Today the open beta launches on Steam for all to play. On various maps, players challenge one and other in this action-packed tactical shooter, which is characterized by team play, different game modes, and many strategic elements. To play in the open beta, you can install Tactical Intervention directly from the Steam website, or by searching from within your Steam client.

Tactical Intervention has unique games modes and mechanics you don’t really see in other shooters. How about hijacking a car to take part in an intense highway chase; unload your high-powered weapons at the VIP while leaning out the window, as your opponents scramble to protect him. Take covering helicopters with your devastating RPG while you handbrake turn to broadside your target.

Alongside opening up the beta for all to play, new maps and weapons have been added.