Got pens? Got paper? That’s all you will need to create a new in-game skin for Minecraft! Your doodles can be taken in-game with a new application for iPhone from 57Digital Ltd. 57Digital was founded by two lads from Sheffield Hallam University and their new application is being put on show today at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

57Digital are running a free workshop where youngsters can design with felt tip markers, paper and of course, their new “app”. The physical drawings will be scanned with an iPhone and then converted into a design that can be used inside Minecraft. A large audience is expected to be in attendance and entry is free.

The event runs from 6.30pm until 10pm, if you live in the area there may still be time for you to get ready and go. It’s hosted at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. There will also be other Minecraft presentations, including talks from Minecraft developers.