Xsyon Sandbox MMORPG Resource Update

Scavengers, get ready! Today Xsyon unveiled an updated resource distribution system. Encouraging travel, trade and cooperation among the crafters and merchants of the post apocalyptic Xsyon.

The new resource system features:
·         Localized scavenged materials and found crafting patterns.
·         Increased rare materials frequency to reward players in higher risk regions.
·         New crafting materials have been added.
·         Crafting bonuses added to material components.
·         Revised material weights and improving carrying capacity to help with trade.
·         Auto stacking features for all you Xsyon hoarders.

This comes after another update just last month adding:

  • Greater creature populations.
  • Better creature migration system, balancing mobs over the game.
  • Creatures gain power with age, combat and survival.
  • Creature breeding system revised to enforce survival of dwindling species.
  • Strength of creatures balanced, encouraging new players to join the hunt.

Official site.