If you’re looking for an exciting free to play game on the PS3, your luck could be in. Pinballistik is now going free-to-play in the US for PlayStation®3 consoles. The action pinball simulation contains both traditional single-player tables and innovative 2-player battle tables was first release back in 2011. Now it’s your chance to give it a go for free.

Race for points or beat the clock, all the while griefing your opponent in the competitive pinball action. For the purists, there are fully realized and authentic “classic” tables to spend your time on.

‘Circle The Wagons’, a rollicking tour through the Old West, is now provided totally free-to-play, with a full complement of PSN Trophies and leader boards. Other table themes available include the fabulously wealthy, ‘Made Of Money’ and 30’s space kitschy ‘Sector X’. All themes comprise two tables – 2-player battle tables, and the traditional single-player pinball tables we are all familiar with.

·         Explosive Battle Pinball: Battle with two players on the same pinball table! Griefing tactics can gain an edge over your buddy. If you have no friends you can face off against an AI opponent.
·         Authentic Classic Pinball: Havok physics fused with animated targets.
·         Compete for Pinball Dominance: Be top dog, aim for the top spot at the online Rankings – there are several game configuration options. Each game modes is tracked separately .
·         Build your Own Arcade: Future DLC table packs will include even more innovative Battle tables and authentic Classic tables to further enhance the full Pinballistik experience.
·         Tons of Trophies: All themed tables have their own unique and engaging trophies to aim for with 525 points to be gained in all!

Hopefully European players will also be able to get in on the free action before long.

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