It should come as no surprise that distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) perpetrators are fond of attacking Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) servers. Though we don’t agree with what goes on in their minds, we do understand what makes them tick and therefore provide you with suitable solutions to defend yourself.

Basically, DDoS perpetrators seek high-profile servers, which invariably include gaming servers, especially MMORPG servers. Since these kind of games are the rage these days, attackers relish in attacking their servers and causing havoc there while angering players. Therefore, if you want to avoid the devastating aftermath of DDoS attacks on your MMORPG servers, you will need a reliable solution courtesy of SolveDDoS DDoS.

As the leading expert in DDoS protection, SolveDDoS proudly provides DDoS defense systems that are specifically built for MMORPG servers. Conventional DDoS protection plans are not as effective for safeguarding MMORPG servers because they’re not built for this particular purpose. On the other hand, SolveDDoS’ MMORPG server protection plan is just what you need to ensure seamless online gaming for your subscribers.

Gamers are deeply disappointed and hurt when DDoS attacks strike. MMORPG is a lot about in-game character development and DDoS attacks can seriously impede this growth for gamers. Your subscribers can lose hours they invested in playing and strategizing due to this type of attack your server. Repetitive attacks can further cause them to lose faith in your services. Luckily, SolveDDoS keeps that from happening.

Gaming is all about experience, not just getting a task done. This is why the effects of DDoS attacks are much more upsetting than on other servers. And this is why you need SolveDDoS’ specially designed protection for MMORPG servers. Slow connections to disconnections, everything is amplified in the world of massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

SolveDDoS offers you the perfect DDoS protection plan starting from just $39.99/month. With this competitively low price, your subscribers will enjoy a flawless gaming experience while you reap multiple benefits, including:

• Guaranteed defense from any type of DDoS attack
• Up to 1 Gbps clean ports for your server
• Up to 10 Gbps protection rates
• No contract
• No setup fee

One of the biggest benefits of using SolveDDoS’s protection for MMORPG servers is your ability to focus more on improving your business. So, instead of wasting valuable time battling DDoS attackers, let our MMORPG server DDoS protection lighten your load.

This protection system is simultaneously powerful and user-friendly. In addition, our unique DDoS Control Panel shows you what our robust protection system is doing. So, you will get detailed attack information to understand how SolveDDoS protects you and your players.

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