ESTsoft have today announced that their latest title, HeroesGo, will enter its Open Beta on August 30th, 2013.

HeroesGo is a side scrolling Action RPG world and it’s just finished the Closed Beta test. Players take part in high speed action oriented combat, lush environments, puzzles, epic-encounters, and customizable gameplay. Feedback gained from the community was an invaluable asset in moving HeroesGo forward and helped determine a few changes to the game leading up to this announcement.

Since the closed beta test, HeroesGo has new features and additions that will be available during the open beta period. Brand new quests, new dungeons, an extensively revamped PvP system, UI improvements, and all-new Challenge Missions.

“We have expanded challenges for hardcore players while accessibility remains fully intact. We have new systems in place to reward players for completing Challenge Missions and besting the competition in PvP, which expands HeroesGo’s aim to reward success through skill-based gameplay,” said Ajmal Popal, assistant product manager of HeroesGo at ESTsoft Inc.

[youtube id=”2S-1AcTc74I” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Find out more and register for the beta at the official site.