A Civilization unlike other Civilization games. This time we have a genuine MMO experience to look forwards to from the Civ team. Unlike previous versions of the world class series, this will not be a turn based strategy game. You will play a single person within your civilization.

A unique take on MMOs, this expansive game world is comprised of a number of different civilizations — starting with four at launch, adding more as needed — and players will create a custom avatar to help to advance their chosen one in order through the following six eras: Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial, and Modern. Play continues in each age until the victory conditions are met and one civilization wins. Victory conditions include either one civilization conquering most of the world, or one reaching the pinnacle of the Modern age and creating space travel.

Players will have to work together to help their chosen civilization to win. In the strategy games you can complete a building with the click of a mouse. In Civilization Online, buildings are built by the inhabitants, the players. Need the resources? Go gather them!

Civ Online wont have classes like a traditional MMORPG, instead you will pick careers to fulfill specific roles. Will you research and develop new technologies, or construct buildings and architectural wonders? Maybe you will choose to wage war, or conduct espionage. Players can also move between these careers depending on their desires. I’m personally interested to see how well people will work together.

PvP will be a large part of the game, from 1v1 encounters to large assaults on a city. The starting cities will be safe from invasion but the rest are fair game. Get a few hundred players together and march! Supply lines and controlling areas to spawn will be critical for attacking civilizations, teamwork will be of the utmost importance.

Like you would expect from a Civ game, exploration will play a huge part in a civilizations growth. Players themselves are responsible for exploring new areas, be ready to bump into others as you do. This will lead into the in game politics, will it breed peace, or war?

The crafting and economy sound interesting to me. Almost all items will be player made and traded so if you prefer crafting to other aspects of MMO’s, there is a large part for you to play. Crafting stations will be located in front of the town hall, making it a place for players to congregate together for trade and socializing.

The end game will be different to most MMO’s. Now “end game” actually means the end of the game. When civ wins the final stage the world and game is over. Players items, money and clothing will reset but there will be some things carrying over into the next games. Some as yet undecided qualities will be persistent and you will take them with you from game to game.

No release date has been set yet, but you can be sure I’ll keep you up to date with official news.

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