Marvel Heroes patch 1.11 is upon us! As promised the Human torch is now playable, he has 25 abilities and several builds options. Many other heroes have been balanced or had new build options added. Wolverine is seeing the most changes to existing heroes.

You can also look forwards to Eternity Splinters, they drop from enemies and are used to unlock any of the heroes. A whole new one has been added; Mid town Patrol. Enter Manhattan to protect civilians, clean up the streets and deal with attacking groups of super-villains working together.

There’s a whole new client to go with this update too, so get downloading that if you need it. New items have been added to the store including:

  • Holographic Crafter: Use this to summon a holographic crafter, who will persist for 15 minutes. The holographic crafter has a one-hour cooldown but can be used permanently.
  • Matrix of Unbinding: Use this in a crafting recipe to unbind an artifact, weapon or armor item that is bound to you.
  • Ultron Silver: Avengers Assemble in awe of this new pet.

Players should also notice some performance improvements after new tweaks and updates in the latest client.

If you didn’t see it already, here is the Human Torch trailer. He’s available now!

[youtube id=”2lGOGvtgea0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

New PvP modes are in the works but not quite ready for this update so stay tuned for more news on those. Get the rest of the official patch notes here.