New Patch

Rising Force Extreme, is the name of the new patch coming to Cabal Online on August 1st. This patch brings with it 3 main new systems to explore and enjoy.

The 1st addition is the Extreme Upgrade’s, this will allow players to upgrade new and existing weapons to totally new levels of power. There will also be some so far unseen benefits you can add to previously maxed out items. The 2nd update is a whole bunch of extra skills, this includes new abilities for every class to learn and synergy based abilities that are exclusive to battle mode 3 forms. The 3rd and final main chunk of this update is, The Forgotten Temple. This temple claims to be one of the toughest challenges added to Cabal, it’s a brutal time attack challenge where you must also save lives.

Listen to the GMs take you through the update in full detail in this video;

[youtube id=”0G-NzP1yDGE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The Rising Force Extreme patch arrives as Cabal Online is in the midst of its campaign on the Steam Greenlight program. Find more information about Cabal and vote here.