Runescape 3 Update One Week In

Battle Of Lumbridge

Runescape 3 is now 1 week into play, taking us into the second week of the Battle Of Lumbridge. Player voting in game has the potential to influence how the game develops, let’s have a loot at how that’s playing out.

Both sides of the conflict have voted for an enhancement to their damage-dealing abilities on the field, sacrificing the option to beef up their defences. This week, they’ll be called upon to decide which of their faction’s reinforcements to send to the battle first. Saradominists can choose between the powerful centaur healer champion and the mighty ranged colossus, while the Zamorakian forces can choose between the rallying power of the lesser demon champion and the sheer destructive force of the siege beast. They all sound pretty cool, get involved and make your voice heard!

Duke Horacio will also be looking for more advice following the adventurer-advised creation of a refugee shelter in East Lumbridge. Get yourself over there and give him your opinion on his new dilemma and claim your free bonus experience, remember your choices will continue to change the game.

The team have also been busy watching how the game is playing out and working on any bugs that need fixing, bug fixes and changes include;

  • The load balancing of the battlefield is now active again. If the main battle area is overpopulated, you will now be taken to an instance which is less full.
  • If you take your reward armour into the God Wars Dungeon, you should now find it correctly counts as that god’s armour.
  • Increased number of soldiers who can spawn on the battlefield at once, to encourage more fighting.

There are many more changes, get the full details at the official page.