Eudemons Online is celebrating 7 years of play with their latest patch, “Dawn of Romance”. The update goes live on July 31st, so there isn’t long to wait.

The patch brings to it the ability for players to marry their characters, even so far as planning their whole wedding. Marriage will offer you the ability to teleport to your spouse using your wedding rings, you will also be able to create a baby together. as you would expect, the baby assist you in combat with attributes such as, M-Def, M-ATK, M-Atk & Def, P-Def, P-Atk and P-Atk. You can also train your baby, like the wild rabid beast it is.

Level caps have been increased to 150 for all classes and new cool peacock mounts are available to people who complete the couples quest.

[youtube id=”YTzuNN2HqSw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Find out more at the official site.